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Memorial Day is a great holiday for grilling. My personal memorial day favorite is thick, juicy steak. A lot of people don't cook steak because of the...

Happy Memorial Day!

May 27, 2016

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August 8, 2017

Ever wonder how steaks and burgers look so perfectly seared in TV commercials? Ever wish you could grill out and present a plate that looked picture perfect? You can with one easy step: Order GrillGrates! GrillGrates are made of anodized aluminum and create the PERFECT cooking surface for your existing grill. They have standard panels in various sizes to replace your existing grates and they have custom sizes for round grates like in the Weber Kettle or my personal favorite the Pit Barrel Cooker.

Chances are you probably have a grill that is in decent shape, but the grates may be worn out or dirty beyond belief. GrillGrates will basically make it seem like you have a brand new grill, because the food will look more incredible than it ever has. These are some pre-made hamburger patties I purchased at the grocery store and they came out looking like an Applebees commercial! 

They do wonders for burgers, but they truly excel when it comes to searing a steak. I don't think there is a Steak Cookoff Association team in the country that doesn't use GrillGrates. That is because you simply can't get sear marks this gorgeous with the grates that come standard on your grill. 


They are no doubt a great way to make food that looks great, but they are also functional. The way they are created makes a more even heat surface and their design eliminates flare ups. Check out their information page to dig into the science behind Grill Grates. You can also invert the grill grates to make a flare-up proof griddle on your grill. The last few times I have done burgers I have used this method with amazing results. 

 Overall, I think these are a must have for any grill. My dad recently purchased a new charcoal grill and I ordered GrillGrates to replace one of his three great panels. After his first burger cook he ordered GrillGrates for the remaining two panels...they work that good. GrillGrates are not cheap, but they are reasonably priced considered the quality and performance. Like I said before, just order a replacement set for that old grill and it will be like having a whole new grill!

As always my score (modeled after KCBS scoring were 9 is the highest score) is below! Cost-8Usefulness-9, Performance compared to competition-9


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